Zenden concept store – Russia

The Zenden project assumes footwear as a protagonist.

The furniture generates different zones of exposed product.
A concept “circuit” and a “circulate” action are applied in formalization of furniture and store´s transitions spaces.

Furniture and empty space make dynamic, transitioned and sequence ensemble.
Design provokes in consumer enveloping experience: it embraces he, it guides he and it arranges he orderly lengthwise this fluent route.
The project interprets the linearity of the standard shelf and creates innovative and attractive furniture that increases flexibility of the exposure options.

Geometry and colors of finishes were born from distinctive lines of Zenden´s logo reinforcing identity of the brand. relation of contrast between shoes boxes and footwear creates two worlds (internal/ external) in the furniture itself.

This incorporation proposes and organizes a new shopping experience. the location of the stored product is realized by reading a code in the exposition zone, that code indicates where stored shoes keep.

The concept of self-service is enhanced with clear and easy signposting system. the static flexibility given by the continuity of the exhibition space allows change of the product without the necessity of changes in the furniture.

Design team: Ignasi Llauradó & collaborators Clàudia Raurell, Joan Astallé