Munich Itinerant booth

As an international brand, Munich Sport takes part in many fashion fairs all over the world. The instructions are very strict in terms of size and mobility: it needs to be assembled and taken apart quickly in order to ensure an easy transport and set-up. For all those reasons, the booth’s design has been inspired by flight cases: not only practical and light but also very robust. The booth also shows values advocated by the brand such as innovation, estheticism, high quality or temerity.

Thanks to its four articulated modules fixed onto rollers, the booth is able to adapt to any kind of space: rectangular, square or narrow. It only takes a few minutes to set up the booth and display the products.

As the time goes by, the traveling booth gets a worn aspect that will reflect the history and the durability of the brand Munich Sport.

Each module is equal in size and shape. The booth’s interior design is made to highlight the product: the shoes seem to float within a bright white space making the exhibition magical.

Design: Ignasi Llauradó, Eric Dufourd & collaborator Antoine Coubronne