Barcelona Beer Company Taproom

Barcelona Beer Company, a draft beer brand with local accent, created and produced in Barcelona, entrusts to DearDesign the design of its first tap room in the city.

The design proposal had to reinvent the concept of pub, giving it a more luminous and Mediterranean appearance. It aims to attract a broader public, beyond craft beer consumers, and at the same time raise its category by offering beer tastings and quality food.

The concept was born from merging the strengths of different typologies of beer consumption establishments. The public and social character of traditional taverns and the relaxed atmosphere that characterizes German beer gardens with its relaxed spaces in which people share long tables.

The new image should reflect the essence of Barcelona and give a more Mediterranean aspect to the space. For this reason, burnt clay bricks were chosen as the main material of the project, used traditionally in the Catalan architecture. This ceramic coats the counter, a prominent element of the project where the beer taps are located, and the entire wall behind it.


Year: 2016

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Creative director: Ignasi Llauradó

Graphic documentation: Xavi Torrent