Custo Barcelona opens first UK store in Westfield Stratford City

International fashion brand Custo Barcelona is to open its first UK store in the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Custo Barcelona project’s goal is to anchor the brand’s reality in its historical and geographical origins: the Mediterranean.
Under this theme, the concept is understood, not only as a place, a certain light or color, but also, in a way of being, acting, relating, a way of living a culture.
Attitude, Emotion, Experience, Community and Contrast, are the new slogans, and more than ever, try to differentiate and support the brand in its new strategic plan.

The aim of the concept is to enhance the quality and exclusiveness of the entire product, surrounding it with a clear, bright and neutral space, reinforcing the identity of Custo Barcelona, and reflecting the intrinsic values of the brand DNA.
IIn this new scenario, the topography and geological features so particular to the Mediterranean coast, are re-interpreted to install the pieces created by Custo Barcelona in a familiar and striking landscape, generating sets of lights and shadows, textures and volumes, geometrical forms and accidents.
Custo Barcelona tribe gathers a new space experience dedicated to the origins of the brand, reconciling, old and new, history and the way forward.
It’s definitely an honest way of being, of living in community, in a contemporary case in which the main protagonist is the product.

The 1,600sq ft Westfield Stratford store will reveal an ambitious new retail design concept for Custo Barcelona. The visionary concept features a geometrical ceiling structure made up from a complex assortment of abstract vectors.
Situated in The Arcade area of Westfield Stratford City the store features white timber wall panels, stainless steel hanging rails, grey resin flooring and interactive mirrors.

Design: Dear Design, Ignasi LLauradó, Eric Dufourd

Design team: Christian Leibenger, Claudia Raurell, Antoine Coubronne

Photography: Jonathan Richards- Picture Studios Ltd