Munich, Barcelona’s Brand for fashion footwear and sports reopened its children boutique MiniMunich in La Roca Village, Barcelona.

After the success of its first children’s shop in this mall, Munich opens a new space dedicated to the smallest in another location with a daring and innovative design.

This project is premised on the characteristic imagination and curiosity of children to create a scenario according to the way they experience and interact with the space.
The aim of the project is to transport them to a new imaginary world that may be explored.

The main idea was to re-interpret a module able to transport anyone entering the store inside a submarine or a spacecraft, as if he/she was getting into a new world. The simulated hermetic gate door of the store reveals from the beginning the feeling of going into a new experience.

Thus, in this new location, 35m2 big, children can enjoy and let their imagination fly, making purchase a pleasant and fun time.

This concept breaks completely with the previous MiniMunich and creates a new scene without losing the daring spirit that characterizes the brand spaces.
This new Munich store, a space with white walls and glazed lit plates scattered over the shelves, adds character and creates a world of science fiction.

On its walls and ceiling appear oval slits that reveal synchronized images of the distant outer space or the depths of the sea.
All this makes this new MiniMunich boutique a versatile space that will make each purchase a new experience for both adults and children.

Design: Dear Design – Ignasi Llauradó, Eric Dufourd

Design Team: Claudia Raurell, Christian Leibenger, Antoine Coubronne.

Making of @:

Photography: Xavi Mañosa