Canodròm, Parc de Recerca Creativa

The project of Canòdrom project of (Parc de Recerca Creativa) is situated in a historical building designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Bonet i Castellana in 1961. After his rehabilitation, we made the interior design, the furniture design, the corporate identity and the signage to adapt the building to his new program, a flexible and dynamic space for startups and technology companies.

The visual identity is based on the concepts of speed, movement, progress, future and technology, which graphically result in the irregular decomposition of the corporate typeface. This main idea is then used and adapted to all the applications of the signage.

The interior design is developed searching for the flexibility and dynamism of the different spaces, trying to respect and honor the beautiful architecture of the building and to creating a modern office concept that promotes interaction between users.

Almost all of the elements in this project are exempt to the architecture and we used warm materials like wood to contrast with the cold existent materials, thus and to making e the spaces more comfortable and pleasant.


Year: 2016

Location: Carrer de la Riera d’Horta, 3, Barcelona, Spain

Creative director: Ignasi Llauradó

Design team: Ignasi Llauradó, Paulina Calcagno, Sebastián Pereira, Laia Freixes, Cristina Anglès, Fran Rodríguez

Collaborators: Jordi Rins

Graphic documentation: Fran Rodríguez